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John Keife and Jim Yonkus, co-proprietors

Wine Shop of the Year | Keife & Co.
A continental approach

...“Those shops are comfortable, not an intimidating atmosphere,” he says. “They are open and airy, with plenty of product, much of it different from the way American stores are stocked. There is an emphasis on regionality. The shelf rackings with fine woods are against the walls, going from floor to ceiling. It’s quite welcoming.”...

...Keife’s partner, noted New Orleans cheese monger, Jim Yonkus, has set up a refrigerated case in the center of the store and stocked it with cheeses, patés, olives, meats and specialty items that are fresh and party-ready, perfect accompaniments to an intriguing selection of wines and spirits...

“The most European city in America deserves a European-style bottle shop.”

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A Guide to the Best New Wine Shops


It’s not enough to just stock terrific bottles: An outstanding wine shop must also have a strong point of view. These new stores all do, reflecting their owners’ passions.

Keife & Co., New Orleans

John Keife and Jim Yonkus’s handsome shop in New Orleans’s artsy Warehouse District, with its floor-to-ceiling wooden shelves loaded with wine, feels like a library, a speakeasy and a market all at once. The hand-picked wine selection runs the gamut from a truly impressive $15 bottle of Camino de Navaherreros Garnacha from Spain for everyday to expensive bottles of Burgundy. The same care goes into the foods on offer. “We have some of the best Parisian caramels and artisanal olive oils and vinegars, as well as something as simple as the best Dijon mustard—that’s important,” Yonkus says. The Dijon, by the way, is from France’s Eric Bur.

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